Prime Minister concerned on Thais’ high alcohol consumption


BANGKOK – The Prime Minister is concerned about the high consumption of alcohol among the Thai people, urging the public to use the Buddhist Lent to reduce alcohol consumption for their own health.

The Government Spokesman Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd has revealed the Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha’s concern regarding the high alcohol consumption of Thai people, particularly among youth aged 15-19 years old which are consuming more alcohol at the rate of 4.96 percent per year. The purchase of alcoholic drinks in Thailand remains easy, as liquors and alcoholic beverages are sold at regular stores in the communities.

“The World Health Organization once listed Thailand as the 5th heaviest alcohol consuming country in the world, which correlates to the nation’s high road accident rates, especially during long holidays, while the consumption of alcohol also leads to other social issues such as domestic violence and crime.”

The Prime Minister had said the government is pursuing its 10-year National Alcohol Control Strategic Plan (2011-2020) which will strictly regulate alcohol-free zones, such as at transport stations, education institutes, and an alcohol sales ban on specific dates in order to reduce the number of new drinkers and minimize the negative effects of alcohol consumption.

“The Prime Minister wishes the general public would take the 3 months of Buddhist Lent period to refrain from alcohol or to quit drinking. Figures from campaigns in previous years show that 81.2 percent of participants had reduced household spendings, 80.5 percent had better health, 50.2 percent had better mental health, and 31.1 percent were able to reduce domestic issues and found themselves to be happier.”

The Prime Minister also thanked the related sectors for the efforts on this issue, and asked all the people to change their behaviour for a better image of the nation.