Premchai postpones hearing charges for a second time


Bangkok, 23rd February 2018 – Italian Thai Co Ltd CEO Premchai Karnasutra, who is suspected of illegally hunting animals in a national sanctuary, has asked for a second postponement of a scheduled appearance before authorities.

Investigators initially scheduled Premchai to appear to hear charges of animal abuse on February 15 but his lawyer appeared on the date to ask for a postponement due to his client’s inability to appear. A second meeting was scheduled for February 22 in Kanchanaburi province.

Deputy Commander of Provincial Police Region 7 Pol Maj Gen Krisana Supdech disclosed however, that Premchai’s lawyer had once again contacted authorities to delay his appearance, requesting that it take place on March 5 instead, due to Premchai being tied up in engagements.

Police recorded the postponement but agreed to the new date, indicating that failure to appear for a third time and loss of contact on the day will result in a warrant being issued for Premchai’s arrest.