PRD organizes project on lessons learnt from Tham Luang cave rescue


The Government’s Public Relations Department (PRD) organized the 4th meeting to hear opinions on the draft guidelines for the practice of mass media in crises, under the project for learning lessons from the Tham Luang cave rescue and media ethics in Kanchanaburi.

Mr. Anusorn Panasuttha, Director of the Public Relations Office, District 8, opened the 4th meeting, held by the National Reform Committee for Mass Media and Information Technology and PRD, to support the implementation of national reform in mass communication, promote ethics and professional standards of press members as well as support development and capacity building for journalists. It was supported by the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Research and Development Fund for the Public Interest of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

The PRD has appointed a working group to draft guidelines for the practice of members of the media in crises, with Mr. Chawarong Limpatthamapani, Chairman of the National Press Council of Thailand, as a chairman.

Drafting the guidelines involves a focus group joined by a group of agencies that work in crises, a group of academics, a group of editors and a group of reporters.

The meeting was attended by 100 participants, including representatives of the media and the government and private sectors in 16 central and western provinces. (NNT)