PRD app under development for modern users, with Cabinet being pilot target group


BANGKOK, 6 June 2015  The Government Public Relations Department (PRD) has expedited the development of PRD application for smart phones in response to a changing trend in news consumption in the digital world.

PRD Deputy Director-General Charoon Chaisorn explained that the initiative was made by the department and the Prime Minister’s Office. The app will be a new channel for mobile users to read all types of news and information compiled from traditional media like radio and television, providing them with an easy access to information of the National News Bureau of Thailand by just a fingertip. The app will be soon put on trial with the Cabinet being the first target group. If it is workable, it will then be extended to other members of the public.

Mr.Charoon also mentioned resolutions adopted at RADIO ASIA Conference 2013 and the Asia Media Summit 2015 as saying that mainstream media like newspaper, radio and television were in their downturn due to a change toward modern lifestyle of audience. Adaptation to the new technology in all media outlets, no exception for the government media, thus is needed in order to maintain the essential role of the mainstream media among users of younger generation.