‘Prayuth’ reaffirms army not remaining idle


BANGKOK 14 February 2014  Army Chief Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha has reaffirmed that the army is not idle or indifferent to the current political situation — saying if that were the case, the current situation would not have been what it is now. 

Gen. Prayuth stated that he was not holding office merely to wait for his retirement day — saying he has been working hard and will be throughout his tenure.

In regard to the police issuing an arrest warrant for an Army Region 9 officer who has been accused of plotting to murder Kwanchai Praipana, the leader of the ‘We Love Udon Group’, Gen. Prayuth said the warrant was just part of the legal process, and the media should not exaggerate the actual facts of the case.

Gen. Prayuth went on to say that he would not defend his subordinates if they were found guilty — adding that the law must be upheld. He also advised the media to be cautious when reporting the news, as some news pieces may escalate tensions within the already divisive society .