Prayuth government’s policy statement targets 11 areas for reform


BANGKOK, Sept 11 — Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha will deliver his government’s policy statement covering 11 areas it has targeted for reform to the National Legislative Assembly tomorrow. 

He will emphasize His Majesty the King’s sufficiency economy, educational reform and the restoration of peace in the southern border provinces.

Gen Prayuth said that the policies would adhere to the advice of His Majesty the King “Understanding, Reaching Out, and Development.”

The first policy area concerns the royal institution. His government will take legal action against those who offend it.

The second area focuses on national security, will focus on border solutions, marine security, transnational crime, and peace restoration in the far South.

In the third area, his government will reduce social inequality and increase people’s access to public services.

The fourth area will see the development of education, religion, arts and culture and the promotion of Thailand’s identities.

The fifth area will focus on improving public health and health services.

The sixth area will be the economic development of the country.

The seventh area concern enhancing competitiveness of Thai business operators and Thailand in Southeast Asia.

The eighth area will promote the application of science, technology, research and innovation.

The ninth area will attempt to protect resources and realize conservation and sustainable development.

The 10th area will promote good governance and tackle corruption in the government sector, while the 11th area will be the improvement of the justice system, modernizing laws and removing obstacles to national administration.