Poll: People demand honesty in new premier



BANGKOK, 6 May 2011  – A recent Suan Dusit Poll indicates that people are longing for a prime minister who is honest and works for the nation while continued political demonstrations after the election is the top concern.


The survey was conducted by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University among 1,343 residents of Bangkok and its vicinities during 1-5 May. The majority of the respondents or 52.08 percent wished for unity and commitment to national administration and development with the new government. Another 29.84 percent preferred to see honesty, transparency, justice, morality and political ethics while 18.08 percent wanted personnel who are well-rounded, capable and widely accepted.

In terms of the new prime minister, 45.10 percent anticipated an honest person who is devoted to serving the nation and the people. 34.57 percent wanted someone with leadership, farsightedness and decisiveness, whereas 20.33 percent hoped for a premier who keeps his promises.

Asked what they were worried about the most during the formation of the government after the poll, 46.04 percent mentioned people’s denial of the result and reoccurrences of political protests and chaos. Another 30.12 percent cited the government’s handling of numerous problems within the country while 23.84 percent pointed out inappropriate behaviors and bickering among politicians.