Police to summon Suthep, Makkhawan protest leaders


BANGKOK, Nov 13 – Police will summon former Democrat MP Suthep Thaugsuban on charges of creating disturbances and instigating civil disobedience in the country

Police said they will issue a summons for Mr Suthep after a group of people lodged complaints at Samran Rat police station, accusing the former Surat Thani MP of creating unrest in the kingdom and leading the public to breach the law.

Mr Suthep called for civil disobedience Monday night, urging the Thai people to stop working today through Friday, for the private sector to slow tax payments, asking the public to fly Thai flags or display stickers, and to blow whistles whenever they encounter government members.

Police said employers are allowed to file lawsuits against employees for refusing to work. An offender is subject to the maximum jail term of three years or a fine of Bt6,000, or both.

Meanwhile, Nang Loeng police will also issue a summons for Nitithorn Lamlua and Uthai Yodmanee, two leaders of the Network of Students and People for Thailand’s Reform which is demonstrating at Makkhawan Rangsan Bridge near Government House.

Deputy Metropolitan Police Commander Adul Narongsak said the group has intruded into off-limits zones under the enforcement of the Internal Security Act – an offence liable to the maximum jail term of one year or a maximum fine of Bt20,000, or both.