Police target 29 suspected ‘zero dollar tour’ companies


Bangkok –The police have been assembling evidence to seek charges against 29 companies involved in the business of so-called ‘zero dollar tours’.

Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police, Pol Gen Sriwara Rangsiphramnakul has provided evidence to the Crime Suppression Division to enable it to launch cases against the 29 businesses; operating as tour vehicle providers, retailers, tour companies, companies within the OA Transport group and Siam Gems Company. The businesses are facing charges ranging from illegal operation of a tour service to violation of competition laws.

Pol Gen Sriwara acknowledged that all the companies named are new to the zero dollar tour operation and have recently been identified by the office of the Attorney General. He gave an assurance that the move was not in retaliation against OA Transport and Siam Gems’ earlier countersuits against the state.

Sriwara also assured the operators that if those charged feel unfairly treated, they can file a complaint with the National Anti-Corruption Commission while adding that speedy progress in the case is in line with an order from the commander of the police due to the detrimental nature of the matter.

If the 29 businesses are found to have evaded taxes they will be reported to the Anti-Money Laundering Office.