Police rule out rumours of bombings in Bangkok


BANGKOK, May 31 – Bangkok’s metropolitan police have lashed out at rumour mongers on the social media for spreading unfounded statements–so-called news–about bombings in crowded areas and commercial centres in Bangkok.

Metropolitan Police Commander Kamronwit Thoopkrachang said Bangkok police were put on full alert, de

Police have urged city residents to go about their daily lives as usual, he said.spite discounting the rumours on social media Thursday warning the public against leaving home or visiting busy areas to avoid getting hurt by explosions.

Deputy Metropolitan Police Commander Adul Narongsak said the rumours were spread by irresponsible people and Bangkokians should not panic.

He warned that spreading rumours on the social media could be a violation of the National Computer Act B.E. 2550 which imposes a five-year jail term or a maximum fine of Bt100,000, or both.

He said police were hunting for the culprits in the rumours.