Police round up hijacking gang


Police rounded up a gang that had recently mugged and threatened a Korean businessman.

Some time ago a Thai lady called Benjawan Boonkong befriended the Korean man, slowly earning his trust until on May the 12th she asked him to pick up her thirteen year old niece and take her to a house in Nong Pla Lai district.

On the way on a deserted piece of road the girl told the man she felt sick and asked him to stop the car, when he did hoping the girl was okay, a gang of Thai men brandishing guns appeared and threatened him, they stole his car, all his cash, a notebook and some other valuables.

The Police had spent the last few weeks tracking down the gang however one of them is still at large and so is the thirteen year old girl who is an accessory to the crime.

So it seems you really can never really know what motives are behind some people’s actions and Pattaya has reached a new low in using children to help gang members commit these types of crimes.