Police launches new plan against narcotic drugs



BANGKOK, 11 May 2011  – National Police Chief Police General Wichean Potephosree has announced a new 3-1-5 strategy of the police to urgently suppress narcotic drugs spread in Bangkok and its vicinities.


Speaking as he presided over the launch of the project, the national police chief elaborated that over 2,000 community leaders would actively take part in the plan, which is a joint operation among civilians, the police, and the military.

The project will set up 185 operational units in Bangkok and five adjoining provinces in a bid to curb narcotic drug spread in the targeted communities within five months. The plan will encourage drug users to voluntarily seek treatment, and cut the number of drug abusers by 10% from 100,000 people.

As for operations against drug dealers, Police General Wichean said the authorities will try to reduce risk factors in entertainment places and other drug prone areas, especially around the 1,180 education institutes and places with a lot of teenagers.

As part of the project, the hotline 1386 will be opened, allowing the public to notify authorities of activities or information related to illicit drugs around the clock.