Police: Eviction of Indian tycoon-turned-activist underway


BANGKOK, 7 February 2014  The Royal Thai Police has disclosed that the deportation of Mr Satish Sehgal, an Indian businessman who is a leading member of the anti-government movement, is progressing and will be considered by the Cabinet at the end. 

The Center for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) previously announced that an order would be issued to have Mr Sehgal expelled from Thailand for his role as one of the core leaders of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). Regarding this matter, Deputy National Police Spokesperson Pol Maj Gen Anucha Romyanan said the Immigration Bureau was the agency in charge.

The deputy spokesman elaborated that the bureau would examine Mr Sehgal’s past actions and determine whether or not he should remain in the kingdom. The result will then be forwarded to the Cabinet for consideration. He pointed out that under the state of emergency, the Prime Minister or her designated person has the authority to evict any foreign national deemed to be a threat to national security. However, he noted that the individual facing a deportation order could lodge an appeal with the Administrative Court.

Mr Sehgal, who was born in Delhi, has been living in Thailand since he was 5 but still holds Indian citizenship. He is a notable business tycoon and has taken many important positions, including Chairman of the Thai-Indian Chamber of Commerce and President of the Thai-Indian Business Association.