Police Clamp down on Drugs & Gambling


At 12.30am on January the 28th over 200 police officers, and volunteers closed down Pattaya soi 13/3 (Pattaya Land 1) Pattaya second road to search 100 pubs, beer bars, agogos that mostly cater for gay men.

Officers marched from both ends of the soi to search each venue and urine tested all the staff.

Out of 200 male dancers, 20 had traces of drug abuse in their urine and were escorted to the police station for processing.

Police also searched a Gentleman’s Club which allegedly offered the service of gambling on line via 15 computers.

Police found 4 men using the computers to gamble on line.

They  also detained the owner of the business and confiscated 2,000 baht in cash.

The female owner said her shop used to be a gay agogo bar but it didn’t work well. She said the shop owner changed to cater for online gambling

She said that many of the local workers and taxi drivers visited the shop and that customers paid before getting a password to get access into many games such as Hi-Lo, Cabana, Dummy, Red-black frogs, dice rolling.

Police confiscated the 15 computers along with some and transferred the owner to the police station.

Police Clamp down on Drugs & Gambling