Police catch bag snatchers


On August the 3rd another bag snatching incident took place in Pattaya, this time in Soi Cosy Beach Prathamnak road.

The victims were Russian tourists, Mr. Yuri and Miss. Gacina they told police that they were walking back to their hotel when  two Thai teenagers on a Honda Wave motorbike snatched the bag from the female shoulder.

The teenage bag snatchers are detained at the police station.

She said the bag contained a mobile phone, a digital camera, and 1,720 baht in cash and that the youngsters took off in the direction of Pattaya third road

Surprisingly the police were able to capture the thieves on Soi Bong Kot south Pattaya, they were both only 14 years old and admitted to stealing the bag but threw it away in case they got caught, they were taken to the spot where they said they discarded the bag, but it was nowhere to be seen.

However police spotted a motorbike taxi driver that was behaving suspiciously when they searched him they found all the Russian’s lady’s valuables.

The motorbike taxi driver 38 year old Pradu Konklong said he picked up the bag that he’d seen left near the road and took all the items from the bag and hid them in his motorbike vest.

Police with smiles on the faces, said the case was critical since these types of crimes have been damaging the image of the city, but somehow the round up wasn’t that difficult, for the first time.

The young boys and the taxi driver were transferred to the station for punishment under Thai law.

Police catch bag snatchers.