Pokemon Go game banned from Government House and national parks


Hunting for Pokemon on the compound of the Government House has been on banned by the police citing security reason.

An order was issued on Tuesday by Pol Col Kiat Karbbua, superintendent of 4th-subdivision of Metropolitan Police, who is in charge of security at the Government House, instructing his men to prohibit government officials, reporters and visitors to the Government House from playing the popular online game in the compound.


The order followed a report that several reporters working at the Government House who have uploaded the Pokemon Go game application in their smart phones found out there were several Pokemons and Pokestops at the Government House.

The order said that the game which requires the players to wander around to look for Pokemon on their smart phones might compromise security at the Government House and would tarnish the image of the government.

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, meanwhile, has issued a ban against Pokemon players venturing into restricted areas of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Natural resources and environment permanent secretary Kasemsant Chinnawaso said he had verbally ordered the director-general of national parks, wildlife and plants conservation to instruct all park and wildlife sanctuary chiefs to ban tourists from playing the game in restricted or sensitive areas.

However, players can play the game at service zones only. Violators may face a fine of 500 baht.