PM Yingluck: Power reserves enough to substitute suspended gas supply from Myanmar


BANGKOK, 5 April 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Thursday expressed her confidence that the nation will not suffer from energy shortages during the10-day suspension of natural gas delivery from Myanmar which begins today and lasts until next Sunday. 

The Prime Minister made the comment as she presided over the opening ceremony of an energy saving campaign at Government House. Attending the event were also Foreign Minister Surapong Tovijakchaikul, and Energy Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisan.

In her speech, the Prime Minister said energy is one of the nation’s key economic driver, playing an important part in household business, agriculture and industry. However, currently the kingdom needs to import 55 percent of the overall energy which partially contributes to the Thai people’s high cost of living.

She, therefore, urged all to participate in the energy saving campaign from now until the end of next week and said she would be delighted if the campaign could be maintained in a sustainable manner.

The Prime Minister highlighted 3 simple methods to save energy which are turning off unused lights, unplugging unused electrical appliances, and adjusting air conditioners to 26 degrees.

Miss Yingluck also expressed her confidence that the nation would not face an energy shortage if all sectors participate in the Energy Ministry’s campaign, adding that more energy saving measures would be introduced.