PM Yingluck launches “Water for Life” exhibition at Siam Discovery


BANGKOK, 5 September 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Wednesday launched the “Water for Life” exhibition at Siam Discovery mall in Bangkok, to clarify details of the government’s water management project to the public. 

The exhibition features all 9 modules within the water management infrastructure scheme, which will be completed under a budget of 350 billion baht. The exhibition, which will continue until September 12, will be followed up by public opinion hearing in 39 provinces which will be affected by the water infrastructures.

At the launch of the event, the Prime Minister Yingluck indicated that lessons learned from the floods of 2011 and the drought in 2012 were used in creating the 9 modules. The opinion of the public and considerations for the environment will be taken into account. According to Ms. Yingluck, public hearings will be conducted over a 3 months period, and the findings from the hearings will be used to make adjustments to details of the project. A 2nd round of negotiations and discussions with the private contractors will then be held.