PM Yingluck attends 23rd ASEAN Summit in Brunei


BANGKOK, 9 October 2013  – PM Yingluck has stressed the importance of strengthening ties within ASEAN, in her speech at Asean Summit in Bruei.

Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Yingluck Shinawatra attended the 23rd ASEAN Summit in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei’s capital, yesterday. The PM engaged in talks about strengthening ties and reviewing initiatives within the ASEAN region in its bid to foster peace and greater prosperity.

Taking stock of the progress toward the common goal of turning ASEAN into a community by 2015, the PM emphasized the importance of food and energy stability and continuation to prioritize issues of climate change and calamities.

Furthermore, in order to be an attractive region for trade and development, ASEAN must continue to establish relations internally and externally. Becoming a unified region will help ASEAN become a single market economy, setting up partnerships and collaborations in industries. Maintaining dialogue with partners and global community will ensure stability, and effectively manage interests and trade agreements. They must be determined to create a prosperous, stable and peaceful image for the region that adopts good governance and human rights policies.

Leaders also discussed the development of a post-2015 vision to maintain standards and pace of development and the most important notion is that ASEAN must unite on the world stage. The bloc will also share ideas and opinions on regional and international issues, particularly related to the South China Sea.

In addition to the ASEAN summit, Asean leaders also attended the 16th ASEAN Plus Three Summit, the 8th East Asia Summit, and meetings with key dialogue partners from China, India, Japane, S.Korea, and US leaders as well as UN officials.