PM visits LPN, discusses migrant labor issues


Samut Sakhon – The Prime Minister along with members of his Cabinet met on Monday with the Labor Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN) in Samut Sakhon province.

The delegation was greeted by LPN director Sompong Sakaeo and listened to demands made by foreign laborers concerning migrant labor laws.

The PM greeted those awaiting his arrival, including foreign laborers, and was given a gift of drawings by children of the migrant workers. He remarked to a gathering of workers from Myanmar that the LPN, as a non-governmental organization, should seek to foster understanding and work with the state to combat human trafficking and illegal hiring of laborers. He stated that the only solution to illegal employment is cooperation between the state, business owners and workers themselves, confirming to all that state officials found involved in human trafficking and related crimes would be punished in the same way as non-compliant employers are to be dealt with. The PM made known he has ordered security units to protect the rights of migrant laborers and that relevant agencies must ensure the education of migrant children.

The Prime Minister mentioned Soralak Chin-in, a 38 year old fishing boat worker who lost his arm in a work accident, saying he has ordered better safety measures be observed in work environments and that the welfare of laborers be guaranteed. He asserted that more laws are needed to make it known internationally that the Thai government is serious about remedying issues to do with its foreign workers.