PM urges opposition to express its opinion by voting


BANGKOK, 15 Jan 2014,  Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has urged people opposing her administration to express their opinions by voting, if they feel the government no longer has legitimacy to remain in power. 

The comment was made after today’s meeting on the possibility of postponing the general election date from February 2nd to a later date.

The meeting has concluded that the government does not have the authority to postpone the election date and the Election Commission (EC) is to continue its duty of organizing the national polls as planned, while addressing the pending issues of lacking MP candidates.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that various election-related government agencies would fully cooperate with the EC in paving the way for the February election.

Ms. Yingluck also commented that if the people of Thailand were truly discontent with her administration’s methods and policies, they should legally relieve her government of its duty by going to the polls. She also assured the public that the government by no means neglected the national reform, saying that it was discussing with parties concerned in relation to when and how the first step of the reform should be. The Prime Minister also insisted on inviting the People’s Democratic Reform Committee and other anti-government groups to join the forum.