PM suggests setting up agro-networks to boost Thai farmers’ potential


BANGKOK, 16 May 2015 – In his weekly telivision program, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has urged Thai farmers to form their networks to enhance their competitiveness.

Speaking about the government’s ambition to bolster the country’s agro-sector, PM Prayut stressed the need for local agriculturists to form their networks of food producers and processors, so that they can increase their bargaining power which will in turn boost their competitiveness at both national and international levels.

To realize the purpose, Gen Prayut disclosed that he had instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to restructure all seven types of co-operatives in the country and allocate necessary machinery and equipment to agriculturists in different zones to support sustainable development.

In addition to forming their own networks, the premier advised that farmers opt for crops that suit the soil condition of their areas and base their management on the guidelines of agricultural learning and development centers initiated by His Majesty the King.

Gen Prayut added the government had planned to provide special budgets for agriculturists from different provinces to take field trips overseas to encourage them to apply new knowledge and technologies to their production and marketing.