PM: situation will improve once the sea level return to normal in a few days


BANGKOK, 29 October 2011 -Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra expressed her belief that the flood levels in Bangkok will decrease after the sea tide, which is expected to rise in two days, recedes.

Ms. Yingluck said after meeting with the water management committee yesterday that her government will continue to slow down the torrent coming from the north while the relief efforts have been made to drain floodwater into Khlong Saen Saep and Khlong Thawi Watthana.

She expected the situation to improve within a few days. Repair works have been underway on broken sections of barriers while more water pumps have been brought in to drain more water.

Thon Buri district could be affected by the rising level of the Chao Phraya River, the Prime Minister said, as a result of the high tides which could further raise the river level to 2.65 meters, approximately 0.1 meter higher than the barriers on the embankment.

The premier said while people should be aware of the natural occurrence, every effort will be made to protect the dyke; however, she said the overall situation would be better after the end of this month given that the runoff from the north would be lower.

Ms. Yingluck said concerning the demand for more public holidays, she said, it would depend on the Thai people especially for those in crisis to leave Bangkok, but the decision would be useless if people in flooded areas refused to evacuate.

Regarding the relocation of the Flood Relief Operations Center (FROC), Ms. Yingluck said the rising floodwater would not have any impact on the work of the FROC given that a backup plan had already been in place. The premier urged the public not to lose confidence in the FROC.