PM says Thailand will soon have a new king


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha told members of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce of Thailand not to be worried with the situation in the country as the country is as stable as it has been and that Thailand will have a new king in not too long a time from now.


Although the country is in mourning for the passing of their beloved Monarch, he said the national sorrow would become an inspiration for the country to move forward into the future on sustainable basis.

In his address, the prime minister thanked members of the JFCC for their presence in this country and for being “a true friend and ally in a hard time.”

He assured the foreign businessmen that his government would stick to the political roadmap earlier announced and would do everything to bring Thailand into a full-fledged democracy.

“I have never rejected democratic process,” said the prime minister as he announced that his government would use the remainder of the time now to set a long-term foundation or a 20-year national strategy for the country.

He said that the long-term strategy would remain intact for the next 20 years no matter which government will be in the office.

The prime minister assured foreign businessmen that his government had no intention whatsoever to persecute any individuals or group of people, but was determined to strive for the future of the next generations.

He called on all parties concerned to join him and his government in nation building.