PM says Thailand & Cambodia will maintain peace & order along shared border


BANGKOK, 23 Oct 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has affirmed that Thailand has fought the Phrear Vihear Temple dispute in all aspects, and that Thailand and Cambodia will try to maintain order and peace along the shared border regardless of the verdict of the World Court. 

Ms. Yingluck on Tuesday said the government will use the Thai-Cambodian joint commission to drive talks aimed at fostering peace along the border between the two countries. Security agencies have also been asked to ensure order along the border. Ms. Yingluck emphasizes that the government needs to maintain good relations with other countries and keep collaborations with them ongoing, as Thailand edges closer to the ASEAN Community integration in 2015.

According to Wirachai Phlasai, Thai ambassador to the Hague and leader of the Thai delegation fighting the Phrear Vihear case at the International Court of Justice, there are 4 possible outcomes for the November 11 ruling of the ICJ. These include a ruling that the court has no authority to rule on the case, a ruling in favor of Cambodia’s petition, a ruling in favor of Thailand’s petition, and a ruling that neither favored the petitions by Thailand or Cambodia.

Mr. Wirachai said the Thai side had been well-prepared when fighting the case, and all evidence submitted to the court will benefit the case proceeding.