PM says administration will not bring back amnesty law if it is not passed


BANGKOK, 7 November 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra affirmed on Wednesday the current administration will not revisit the amnesty bill if the Senate does not pass it into law, and neither will it try to enact a similar law in the form of a decree. 

According to Ms. Yingluck, it is the will of the government to ensure that various agendas reflect the demands of the public, and the administration will certainly not use its House majority to force the passing of the law against their feelings. She stressed that the administration will accept the Senate’s decision on whether or not to pass the bill into law, and that her address to the nation on Tuesday has been made with the aim of fostering reconciliation.

The prime minister, however, noted that the government cannot immediately revoke the bills being considered in the House of Representatives, as demanded by some parties, because the bills were proposed by MPs, not the administration.

Ms. Yingluck added she would like to ask the groups still protesting against the bill to refrain from closing traffic lanes, and to express their views while adhering to the law.