PM pledges to work at her fullest capacity without discouragement


BANGKOK, Dec 30 – Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Sunday pledged that she will work to her fullest capacity without discouragement and insisted time would prove her performance, while urging all parties to end conflicts to help the country move forward.

The premier gave an interview with media at Government House today saying her government has only eight months to drive and solidify the government’s policies as the first six months of her work after taking office was dealing with the country’s worst flooding in history while another six months were spent in post-flood rehabilitation.

Ms Yingluck conceded that the government’s work at the early stages had some obstacles and concerns from the public. But she was willing to adjust and improve the government’s performance in the second year.

“I can’t say that I am perfect but I can say that I am very willing to serve the public,” said the premier. “Some people may love (me), while others may not, and I can accept that.”

Ms Yingluck said she will improve her work capacity in two ways. The first is through leadership, she said she needs time to prove her leadership to the public as she is also new to politics but she will work to her fullest capacity.

The second, the premier said, is working effectively with her cabinet and the government which is a massive organization. The first year is therefore a period of adjustment, but she pledged to take criticisms and concerns and fix them for general advancement of the country.

“I am ready and I am not discouraged,” stated Ms Yingluck. “Time will be the ultimate judge and the people will be the ones who decide.”

For the government’s policies to be highlighted in 2013, the prime minister said the government will continue and follow up with urgent policies implemented from the first year and will focus on the country’s development with long term stability, including water management, agricultural zoning to increase productivity, the promotion of alternative energy and the development of human resources and quality of life.

Ms Yingluck said the year 2013 will also be the year of children, women and disabled people are well taken care of and receive equal treatment, with One Stop Service.

She added the government will also adjust its workflow by using technology to facilitate the work in order to reduce risk and corruption.

Regarding the political issue, the premier thanked the Opposition for working with the government, including scrutiny of the government’s work and their role in legislative body.

Ms Yingluck however called on all parties and all colour factions to help end conflict in society, while remaining active participants in the democratic system.