PM orders prompt assistance for southern flood victims


BANGKOK – Prime Minister and Defense Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered authorities to promptly provide assistance to flood victims in Narathiwat province and closely follow the situation. Meanwhile, flooding in Yala province has subsided with less rainwater but villagers in risky areas have to stay on alert.

The flood situation in four districts of Yala including Yaha, Bannang Sata, Krong Penang and Raman has gradually subsided with less rainwater affecting Saiburi River and Pattani River running through Yala province. The level of floodwater in Raman district which is on the banks of Saiburi River has now begun to subside.

Provincial authorities have warned local villagers along Saiburi River and Pattani River to keep a close watch on the flood situation for the time being.

Narathiwat Provincial Governor Ekkarat Leesen visited the flooded Tamsao village of Waeng district and coordinated relief aid for flood victims. Food from a royal kitchen, drinking water and bags of relief items from the Red Cross Office of Narathiwat, have been provided to the affected villagers. Dried grass has been provided as food for their livestock.

The prime minister has closely followed the flood situation in Narathiwat and expressed concerns for the welfare of the flood victims due to heavy downpours and rising water from Saiburi River, Bang Nara River and Sungai-Kolok River which flooded their houses. He has instructed civilian and military personnel to provide assistance to the flood victims as soon as possible. Five districts of Narathiwat have reportedly been flooded, affecting over 37,000 villagers.