Particulate matter still prevails over several areas


BANGKOK  – PM 2.5 airborne dust still prevails over several parts of Bangkok, causing air pollution and affecting health.

According to the Department of Pollution Control, the PM 2.5 situation as reported by 47 stations in Bangkok and outlying areas, remains in a range of 27 – 71 micrograms per cubic meter, compared to the air standard of 50 micrograms per cubic meter.

Seven stations have found the particulate matter rising above the standard value, thus affecting health of some residents (in the orange area). People who reside in such areas have been advised to take good care of their health, reduce outdoor activity and closely follow the situation.

The PM 2.5 situation at 13 other stations is reportedly fine, and at 27 other stations is reportedly fair. Airborne dust which had earlier risen in Samut Sakhon province has now begun to fall.