PM orders compensation for farms affected by Tham Luang water discharge


Bangkok – The Prime Minister has ordered relevant units to provide timely compensation and assistance to farmers who sacrificed their farmland to create retention areas for water pumped out of Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai province.

Gen. Prayut also instructed state officials to distribute money and seedlings to the affected farmers and to take action to improve soil condition after the water subsides.

The Prime Minister said on Sunday thanked the farmers for their sacrifice which helped rescuers locate the missing youths trapped in the cave and plan ways to save their lives.

Local agriculture officials will be assessing the damage, and providing compensation at a rate of 1,113 to 1,690 baht per 1,600 square meters (one rai) according to the type of farm. Affected farmers can in the meantime report their damage to officials to arrange an inspection. It is expected the compensation plan will reach a conclusion by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, additional financial compensation may be provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives which will be transferred directly to farmers’ bank accounts should the initial amount be considered insufficient.

Officials will also be assisting farmers in their farming practices after the water subsides, introducing the use of technology, supporting the growth of seedlings for new crops, and restoring the condition of the soil.