PM opens National Children’s Day at Government House


Bangkok – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha opened the National Children’s Day at Government House on Saturday, wishing all children to be healthy and happy throughout 2019.

The premier officiated over the government’s National Children’s Day event and met with children on Government House’s lawn. He thanked them for expressing their encouragement to him, and asked them to be a good, moral, and disciplined persons in order to become quality citizens who contribute to national development in the future.

The premier also met with 23 youths who have brought fame to the nation, children from southern provinces, and underprivileged children. He also gave them a chance to sit on the Prime Minister’s chair and take photos with them.

He praised them for bringing honor and fame to the country, encouraging them to continue to improve themselves and to keep themselves healthy.

Many children from all over the country have written well-wishing New Year messages for him to be happy, healthy, and successful with his administration. These messages were put on display at Government House, with his handwritten reply wishing all children and youth to be healthy and successful with their education for their stable future.