PM: King’s passing way is the biggest loss and sorrow for Thais


Bangkok – His Majesty the King’s passing away on Thursday is the biggest loss and sorrow for the Thai people throughout the country since the demise of King Rama VIII or King Anand on June 9, 1946, said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Thursday night.


“Today what the Thai people didn’t want to think about and wished about has arrived when the Bureau of the Royal Household formally announced the passing away of HM the King,” said the prime minister in his nationwide address.

“October 13 should be a day that will be remembered in our memory for a long time to come like King Chula­longkorn Day on October 23 of every year,” adding that, for the past 70 years since the end of the Second World War when Thailand was struggling to recover from the war, HM the King was the source of inspiration for Thai people to confront all the challenges.

Now that HM the King’s 70-year reign has come to an end, the prime minister called on the Thai people to pray for the soul of the beloved King to protect the kingdom and the people and to bring about peace and prosperity for the country.

The best way to demonstrate loyalty and sorrow to the King is to follow in his footstep and to carry on with his wishes for independence, sovereignty and prosperity of the country, said General Prayut.

The prime minister went on saying the important task of the government is to proceed with provisions in the Constitution and the Palace law regarding the succession issue to ensure that Thailand will continue to be a constitutional democracy with the king as the head of state.