PM is satisfied with Thailand’s improved transparency rating


BANGKOK, 9 Dec 2014 – Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed his satisfaction with the Kingdom’s improved transparency rating which is now ranked 3rd among the ASEAN member countries.

Speaking at a talk on “Transparency in the Management of Thai Organizations”, the Prime Minister said creating national transparency is one of the agendas his administration is promoting, in a bid to create foreign confidence.

General Prayut disclosed the Government is adjusting the bureaucratic mechanism nationwide by firstly creating transparency at the low-ranking operational level. Towards that goal, the government is compiling their needs which will then be made known to the management who will then allocate the budgets for their needs.

The Prime Minister stressed that his Government is promoting Good Governance principles which require cooperation from all units. He reiterated the need to improve the operating procedure in the bureaucracy and develop human resources in order to achieve the noble goal.

He also asked the private sector to help in the effort to bring transparency to the nation, while calling on all sides to practise the Buddhist precepts of Hiri and Ottapa that teach all to have a sense of shame when committing sinful acts.