PM instructs Mineral Resources Dept to probe sinkholes in Ang Thong


ANG THONG, 5 July 2012  – Following reports of land subsidence in Ang Thong province, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has instructed Department of Mineral Resources to conduct further inspection to determine the cause. 

Land subsidence in Ang Thong’s Pho Sa sub-district occurred over the past weekend and continued to widen, damaging a total of 14 homes. Provincial authorities officially declared the area a disaster zone.

Speaking on the sideline of the Water and Flood Management Committee’s meeting, Ms Yingluck said the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and the Ministry of Interior have been assigned to oversee evacuations of affected residents.

Related agencies in the province have been alerted and advised to keep a close watch on the situation. Residents living on river banks nearby have been urged to brace for possible subsidence in their areas.

Earlier this morning, another road sinkhole was located in Muang district of the same province, causing the newly built dyke attached to the road to collapse. The sinkhole is 1-meter deep and 100-meter wide.