PM confident flood would recede after Monday


BANGKOK, 31 October 2011 -Prime Minister Yingluck Shinnawatra expressed her beliefs that after tomorrow the flooding situation will start to ease, provided that there are no major downpours or rising sea water level.

She urged residents residing near canals not to destroy barriers in attempts to drain water out of their community, explaining that the barriers are the capital’s one of the last lines of defense.

Ms Yingluck assured the government was doing its best to manage the floodwater and that it would never abandon flood victims in the remote provinces, adding she had instructed authorities to thoroughly look after the flood affected areas.

She also urged the flood victims to leave their homes and stay in the evacuation center, adding that she had stressed the police to patrol the flood area to prevent burglaries.

As for additional holiday, the Prime Minister said that she would need to consult with the cabinet first, but added that she personally preferred more holidays until the situation return to normal.

Finally, she mentioned the ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinnawatra’s proposal to make spillways to manage water flow as coinciding with other academics’ suggestion and that she would consider the project in the future.