PM assures transparency in 29-block petroleum concessions


BANGKOK, Oct 28 – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today that his government would award petroleum exploration and production concessions on 29 blocks with transparency.

He said that the National Reform Council (NRC) would consider project implementation in two months and afterwards his government would conclude how to handle the project to minimize negative impacts on people and prevent vested interests from involvement.

Gen Prayut also said that the concessions were old ones that would be reopened to prevent any energy shortage and the project had already been delayed for two years.

“The NRC will consider it in two months. If information is consistent, it will proceed. Talks with neighbouring countries will be for maximal protection of our interests. I assure that there is neither conflict of interest nor any under-the-counter talk. There will not be any concession in an overlapping area or any demarcation,” Gen Prayut said.

The prime minister also said that his government would extend roads, railways, water transport and air transport networks to neighboring countries through five special economic zones along the border with Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia.

He added that double track railroad extension was highly necessary.