PM assigns local administrators to screen for illicit activities in 10 days


BANGKOK, 6 May 2015  – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has tasked local administrative organizations across the country with conducting an urgent inspection of local communities for any illegal practices.

Prime Minister Prayut issued an order for all local administrative organizations to examine areas under their jurisdiction with a fine-tooth comb, looking out for such activities as human trafficking, abuse of Rohingya migrants, illegal fishing, forest encroachment and drug trafficking. The local authorities were given a ten-day deadline to finish their inspection and report their initial findings.

At the same time, the premier instructed each province to create an understanding with local state officials regarding work ethics. He stressed that should any state officials get involved in wrongful conducts, provincial authorities are authorized to take action against them immediately.

However, if such wrongdoers are influential figures who are difficult to handle, Gen Prayut said the province could report the matter to the Department of Public Administration under the Ministry of Interior or directly to the National Council for Peace and Order in order to ensure they will be brought to justice.