PM announces the next steps to be taken after the referendum


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha announced on Wednesday that he expected the new election to be held about the end of next year which is still in accordance with the roadmap provided that the country then will be peaceful as it is now.


In a nationwide address after the Election Commission’s release of the official result of the August 7 referendum, the prime minister thanked all parties concerned for making the referendum peaceful and successful. Although the referendum was over, he said his mission and that of the people are not over yet.

He clarified the processes that will be carried out, starting with the amending the provisional clause of the interim charter to accommodate the attached question in the referendum which was endorsed in the referendum and then sent it to the Constitutional Court for a review.

After the promulgation of the new constitution, the top priority of the Constitution Drafting Committee was to draft four charter-related bills which are instrumental for the holding of the election, said the prime minister, adding that it is an uphill and delicate task.

The four organic laws are expected to be promulgated in mid-2017 after which the Election Commission will have to hold an election within 150 days – which is believed to be the end of next year, said the prime minister.

Although the general situation appears peaceful and despite the government’s attempts to bring about peace to the country, the prime minister alleged that there are still ill-intent elements who continue to undermine the country and to incite unrest from abroad.

Touching on reforms about whether they should be undertaken before or after the election, he noted that reforms are a long-term process whose implementation will take a long time. Reforms, he said, must be done in conjunction with other activities.

For the rest of his government’s term in office before the next election, the prime minister vowed to do his best for the benefits of the people and the country.