PM: 2P2R plan to be implemented quickly to help flood victims


BANGKOK, 28 September 2011 -Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawat is urging related agencies to expedite the 2 P2 R plan to help flood victims get back on their feet while instructing the authority to quickly draft a rehabilitation plan to be implemented once the floods have subsided.

After listening to the report on the flood situation via video conference with the agency that is responsible to find solutions to floods, fires and mudslides, the Prime Minister said the situations in Lop Buri, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai were still posing concerns.

She has instructed the Department of Royal Irrigation, the Department of Water Resources and the Meteorology Department to keep people in risk areas informed prior to the disaster. More water barriers are to be constructed and people should be evacuated to safer places.

Lop Buri will be the model province for flood relief program where rescue efforts are being made and the rehabilitation program to help residents and farmers will be in place right away when water recedes.

Other efforts; road, house and facility repairing are also underway to raise the spirit of the flood victims. Under the 2P2R plan, the rescue attempt from the provincial level and the Ministry of Interior will be made to as many flood victims as possible. Information on their progress will be reported back to related agencies for further assessment.