Pig farmers warned not to use Beta-agonist or face imprisonment


Livestock department chief Mr Soravit Thaneeto said that the department’s inspectors had conducted random urine tests of live pigs at slaughter houses during last December 1 and May 10 this year and found out that pigs from 59 pig farms were fed with Beta-agonist, a hazardous chemical that makes meat turn red.

Of the 59 pig farms that used Agonist compounds in animal feeds, he said that the department had taken 22 of them to court and two of them were found guilty by the court with the owner of one pig farm given jailterm.

Investigation is under way for the 37 other pig farms, said Mr Soravit, adding that the department has tighten up control of slaughter houses to prevent illegal activities.

99 illegal slaughter houses have been charged during the six-month period from last October to March this year and, of these, verdicts have been delivered for 37 slaughter houses.