Phrae sees most dengue fever infections in the north


Phrae – Phrae province has seen the northern region’s most cases of dengue fever and has suffered one casualty, prompting relevant agencies to step up their campaigns to combat the disease.

All seven districts of the province have reported cases of dengue fever infection except Nong Muang Kai, with a total of 119 people suffering from the illness, the most in three years after it saw only limited infections over the past two years. The first fatality from the ailment was a 32 year old woman from Tung Kwaw sub-district in Muang district. She died at Phrae Hospital after receiving treatment at a private hospital for three days.

Public Health Physician for Phrae, Dr. Kajorn Winaipanich has ordered his office’s authorities to coordinate with municipal agents of Tung Kwaw and its medical facilities to take action against mosquitoes, which carry dengue fever. Authorities are to clean and disinfect objects in a 100 meter radius of the area where the deceased woman initially contracted the illness. They are also to step up promotion of ways to prevent dengue fever infection and urge cooperation from the public.

Dengue fever is most commonly found in young people aged 5-14 years old. Department of Disease Control Office 9 has coordinated with Ministry of Public Health officials to perform health checks on Phrae locals with an emphasis on educational institutes. They will also rid such areas of mosquito breeding grounds.