Phichit acknowledges Zika cases but says it is now a seasonal phenomenon


PHICHIT – Phichit province’s public health office has issued a warning to pregnant women after the discovery a Zika Virus infection in the area but has indicated that the incidence must now be expected in the rainy season.

Ministry of Public Health inspector for Phichit, Dr Opas Karnkawinpong has reported the discovery of 11 Zika infections in the province with 18 more individuals being monitored for the illness and another 12 pregnant women being under close observation.

He pointed out however that another 27 reported cases of infection have yet to be confirmed, noting that at this point, all the discoveries are in the same area. He sought community understanding that the Zika Virus is transmitted by mosquitoes in the same way as Dengue Fever and is actually less severe than the now common seasonal illness with the main concerning impact being on pregnant women. He said it is likely that Zika will now be a seasonal sickness that occurs during the rainy season, when mosquitoes are more prevalent.

Nevertheless, Phichit Governor Weerasak Vijitsaengsri has ordered all relevant agencies to work with the provincial health office to implement precautionary measures that include eradication of mosquitoes.