Pheu Thai Party blasts anti-election movement


BANGKOK, Feb 4 – The ruling Pheu Thai Party today condemned an unconstitutional movement for trying to destroy Thailand’s democratic system and obstruct people from exercising their voting rights.

Pheu Thai leader Charupong Ruangsuwan, concurrently caretaker interior minister, issued a statement, saying it is a regret that the anti-democracy group would not give up damaging the democratic process and denying the people’s rights to vote – a dictatorial manoeuvring with the cooperation of several factions.

He said the anarchist group has occupied Bangkok and disrupted the general election with the objectives of destroying the government and political parties who have earned the majority of votes, and may eventually lead to a coup, he said.

They are working with constitutional agencies whose executives were involved in the 2006 coup to destroy the Pheu Thai Party, he said, adding that the movement claims to need only 2-4 months to reach its goal.

That’s why they obstructed the elections, created unrest, intimidated the government, state agencies, private organisations and the general public, he said.

He said the group has been trying to appoint a non-elected prime minister.

The movement, he added, wants to invalidate the Sunday’s election and seek the Constitution Court’s ruling to dissolve the Pheu Thai Party by claiming that the election was a breach of Section 68 of the Constitution.

Democrat spokesman Chavanond Indarakomalyasut said the party would lodge a complaint with the Constitution Court today against the general election, which he claimed was held against imposition in Section 68 of the Constitution.

Indicating that the election was organised undemocratically, he said the party would seek the court’s verdict to dissolve the Pheu Thai Party and suspend party executives’ political rights.

He said the government had exploited the Emergency Decree for its benefit,while several Pheu Thai executives who hold portfolios in the caretaker Cabinet have acted in defiance of the Election Law and press freedom.

The Democrat Party will also seek to remove caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her Cabinet.