Pheu Thai MPs still unhappy with their salaries


BANGKOK, 28 September 2011 – The ongoing flood crisis not only puts flood victims under stress but is also causing Pheu Thai MPs to land into financial trouble.

A source for the Pheu Thai party has revealed that Pheu Thai MPs have just begun to receive their salaries. Constituency MPs are paid 100,000 THB a month, twice as much as the amount paid to Pheu Thai MPs when they were Opposition members. Party-list MPs meanwhile are paid 50,000 THB a month.

Despite the higher wage, the source said 100,000 THB was still disappointing for Pheu Thai MPs who expected to get 200,000 baht a month, now that many of them had already spent much of their own cash helping flood victims in their constituencies.

A Pheu Thai MP of Surin province, Pol. Sgt-Maj Prasit Chaisrisa who said he had just been paid for the first time in two months admitted that his salary would not be enough for his spending given the large amount of affected residents waiting for his help.