Phetchaburi Governor visits flood victims in Ban Lat


PHETCHABURI, 10 November 2013 The Governor of Phetchaburi Province has inspected flood-stricken areas, where he distributed aid packages to boost the morale of flood victims. 

Accompanied by provincial officials, Mr. Monthien Thongnit, the Governor of Phetchaburi Province, yesterday visited Ban Lat and Tha Yang districts to inspect flood damage. He also handed out aid packages to villages in Huay Rong, Khao Yoi District.

Floodwater has reportedly overflowed the main irrigation canal in the area, while additional water from the north has entered Ban Lat District, inundating homes on both sides of the road. At least 7 sub-districts have been affected, with over 8,000 Rai of agricultural land, 2,000 Rai of plantations, and 300 Rai of crops damaged.

The governor also traveled to Tha Yang sub-district in Tha Yang to inspect flood damage, where he received reports that the area was affected by the water released from Phet Dam, as well as floodwater from mountains in the north. The governor affirmed that aid would be urgently expedited to local residents.