Phatthalung governor opens farming school to promote sustainability


PHATTHALUNG 1 May 2014  — The Governor of Phatthalung has opened a new farming school in the province in order to promote sustainability among local residents.

The Governor of Phatthalung Seri Srihatri presided over the opening ceremony of the new farming school located in the Krongra municipality of the province. The institute aims to imbue the region’s youth with the importance of farming and sustainability, according to His Majesty the King’s teachings.

Somkit Songniam, Chairman of the Phatthalung Agriculturists group, stated that the province is considered to be one of the most lush and fertile regions among all southern provinces — stressing the vast opportunities to make full use of the land.

Currently Phatthalung only farms 150,000 rai of land, compared with 600,000 rai in the past— the reason being that vast tracts have been turned into residential areas; have been converted into para rubber plantations; or have simply been left uncultivated.

The new farming school therefore hopes to build awareness and pride in the local community, especially among the younger generation, that Phatthalung is indeed an area to be treasured for its richness and fertility.