Biogas well, trees, and fish given to residents of Nong Khai


NONG KHAI 1 May 2014 — The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has given residents of Nong Khai province a natural source of biogas, many trees, and even fish to be released into the natural surroundings.

Vichet Kasemthongsri, Minister of the Natural Resources and Environment Department has provided the people of Nong Khai province with various types of plant life, fish and the biogas well, to promote the region’s natural resources and to achieve sustainability.

Mr. Vichet stated that recent natural disasters in the area are mostly attributed to the carelessness of mankind in disregarding the importance of nature. Moreover, as the province’s natural resources have been steadily dwindling, Mr. Vichet stated that it’s essential that residents of the province, and everyone in the country, do their best in protecting the environment.

The Minister also pointed out that many countries are doing just that, giving the example of Japan — a country which suffers numerous natural disasters, but a country still very deeply rooted in preserving its natural resources and distinctive environment.