Phang Nga Chamber of Commerce eyes non-rubber industries


PHANG NGA, 18 February 2016 – The Phang Nga Provincial Chamber of Commerce has devised assistance measures for non-rubber industries and supported rubber growers to shift towards more profitable agriculture.

Phang Nga Chamber of Commerce President Sitthichote Thongchumnum and division chiefs from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives have traveled to Bang Thong subdistrict to observe mixed-crop farming carried out by a group of rubber growers in Bang Thong village.

The Phang Nga Chamber of Commerce and local rubber cooperative have supported rubber planters to diversify their crops and also raise livestock. This mixed approach to agriculture has allowed these farmers to begin earning a profit.

Aside from mixed agriculture, Phang Nga Chamber of Commerce is planning to stimulate other economically important industries, such as healthy food production, food processing and herb cultivation to strengthen the agricultural sector in the province.