Petition for impeachment of Senate Speaker submitted


BANGKOK, 25 September 2013 The ‘Group of 40 Senators’ has filed a petition for the impeachment of President of the Senate Nikom Wairatchapanitch for his incapability to maintain neutrality in performing his duty. 

The faction’s representative, Mrs. Pornpan Boonyarattapan, submitted the petition and a list of 52 supporting senators to the 2nd Vice President of the Senate, Anan Ariyachaipanitch.

The group demands that Mr. Anan forward the petition to the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC), in order for the latter to process the issue. The faction claimed that Mr. Nikom no longer possesses the ability to maintain his neutrality, lacks transparency in his performance, and is causing rifts among senators.

Furthermore, they urged the NACC to look into Mr. Nikom’s questionable practices, saying he has acted in violation of the Constitution. Citing as examples of such behavior, the ‘Group of 40 Senators’ said the Senate Speaker showed his support to the constitution amendment and intentionally breached the Senate code during parliamentary sessions.

The faction resolved that by impeaching Mr.Nikom would ensure fair political expressions in the parliament.

In response, Mr. Anan would examine the document within 15 days before forwarding it to the NACC. He also expressed his concern over the ongoing distrusting atmosphere among senators that has resulted in the impeachment petition.