Perseid meteor shower expected on Mother’s Day

Perseid meteors. (Photo/NASA)
Perseid meteors. (Photo/NASA)

Bangkok – A perseid meteor shower will be visible on the evening of 12 August in Thailand if the sky is clear, according to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT).

NARIT director of astronomical academic services department Suparerk Karuehanon said the annual perseid meteor shower will be visible during the nights of 12-13 August.

The phenomenon can be observed with the naked eye over the northeastern sky from anywhere in Thailand starting at midnight to dawn, only if the sky is clear and free of clouds.

People are recommended to pick an open spot free of interfering lights, lie down on the ground or on a recliner, in order to optimally observe the natural phenomenon.

However, the current rainy season might obstruct the spectacular viewing.